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An Othello/Reversi board game for Android, vers. 1.6 and up. Featuring several board sizes, difficulty levels, load / save multiple games, playings statistics and zoomable board.

Update: Dic. 2017

Desdemona is no longer compatible with the latest Android versions.

It's been 6 years since the dawn of Desdemona and due to the differences in the current versions of the Android NDK, fixing this could be a non-trivial task.

Sooner or later (yet, I don't know when), I'll surely make an update of the app but, as of now, You'll need a really old device to see it running. (At least, pre-Android 6 or 5, depending on the device and the minor version of the Operative System itself.)

The game will be still available on Google Play for the time being.