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[2011-12-09] Desdemona 2.10.76 XL updated and released.

What's new in this update:

  • Added support for "move App to SD" for recent devices
  • XPERIA Play optimized
  • Some minor bugfixes
  • Increased device compatibility

[2011-09-21] Desdemona 2.10.73 XL released.


(Available on the Android market)

More a re-write than an update to the previous versions of Desdemona, this one has all the features of the previous "full" version (2.00), except the perspective view (which, seriously, was just an experiment but it crippled the gameplay), and it's ad-supported.

This version is bigger (about 2 MB against the ~0.5MB of Desdemona 2) and heavier (in terms of CPU usage per frame-rate) than the previous, thus it's aimed to newer devices, adding also Honeycomb support. For older devices and phones, the old versions remain available.

Uses the widely popular AndEngine software library as new rendering engine.

Head on to the dedicated page for more verbose details.

[2011-07-03] Desdemona 2.00.67 released.

(Available on the Android market)

An Othello/Reversi board game for Android, vers. 1.6 and up. Featuring several board sizes, difficulty levels, load / save multiple games, playings statistics and zoomable board.

Head on to the dedicated page for more details.